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Ton Visser reports:

The members of the DbI Communications Network met in Groningen, The Netherlands, March 8 -9, 2011. This time our meeting was combined with a seminar on Reliability and Dialogicality. This was organised in cooperation with the University of Groningen. Two of the plenary speakers from the 2010 Paris Conference, Professors Ivana Markova and Per Linell, were invited to give a guest lecture on this theme on March 08. The following day, March 09, two graduated students, Franck Berteau and Heather Colson-Osborne, from the MSc in Educational Sciences ‘Communication and Congenital Deafblindness’ Program, presented their Masters Thesis.

Invited this time to the meeting were the former and current enrolled students from the Master on Communication and Congenital Deafblindness Program. The members of the DbI Communications Network organised this meeting in an attempt to clarify the concept of ‘Dialogicality’ in a more scientific way. We have felt for a long time the need to find well defined and accepted research methodologies to give our work based on the concept of ‘Dialogicality’ a more scientific grounding. At the end of these very successful days, each of us had the feeling of a better understanding about the possibilities of this type of research.

During this session, we repeated the way of working that we did at the beginning days with our group. In that time we frequently organised a seminar to try to develop our knowledge; followed by a conference to share and to develop this knowledge further. In October, 2011 we will met each other again to study further on this topic. Our intention is of course to organise a conference on this topic in the near future. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us. If you send your email to me, I will determine who is best in our group to respond to your email. To those who are going to the DbI World Conference in Brazil in September, on behalf of all the members of the DbI Communications Network, have an inspiring and wonderful conference!

Ton Visser


Master Educational Sciences Communication and Congenital Deafblindness at the University of Groningen.

November 8th 2007 was a special day for the members of the DbI network group on communication. On this day, the students of the first Master Course received their diplomas.

This Master Course is provided entirely by the members of the network group under the auspices of the University of Groningen. For the members of the network group the realisation of the Master Course has been a wish for many years. The Master Course not only provides the opportunity to share knowledge, but also to further scientifically underpin the work that has been done by the members of the network group.

In the mean time the second Master Course is in full swing and the third, that will start in September, is in preparation.

Four booklets on Communication and Congenital Deafblindness, each with their own focus, have been written to support and inspire the networks around each person with deafblindness. Video examples are collected on a DVD to illustrate the concepts of each booklet. The booklets are written in English and based on the work of Deafblind International’s Communication Network.

The titles of the booklets are:

The target group of these booklets are parents and professionals in contact with congenital deafblind children and adults.

The list of products can be viewed here or by sending an email. The price of a booklet is EUR 35 each.

Citizens from United States and Canada may contact Perkins USA to order.

In the meantime translation has taken place, or is taking place, into: Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Portugese.


Ton Visser

Network Group on Communication